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    Almost every other employee without a work desk or station has to work standing up for long periods of time. But standing over prolonged periods subjects the human body to significant stress, and is responsible for a number of complaints relating to the heart and the circulatory and musculoskeletal systems.

    Fin provides the ideal solution in all those areas of work where until now it has not been normally possible to sit down, but where standing up all the time is too tiring. Because Fin takes away the stress from those who have to stand up to work, allowing them to concentrate on their performance at work rather than being distracted by the discomfort of standing up. Fin takes as much as 60 % of body weight off the legs and feet, and redistributes it comfortably over the wide seat and the ergonomically inclined column – without restricting the operating radius. This is gentle on the circulation, joints, ligaments and tendons, and holds the spinal column in place. Previous standing rests were not suitable for most standing workstations because they took up too much space, or
    were too complicated to use, or were not stable enough. But Fin has revolutionised standing work, because Fin

    • is 100% intuitive to use

    • like no other standing rest on the market

    • is space-saving

    • is wonderfully comfortable

    • is secure and feels safe

    • is light and easy to move around

    • supports the musculoskeletal system. 
    Work dynamically - The comfort seat can be swivelled 20 degrees to both left and right. This creates flexibility and freedom, increasing the radius of operation, and so making it possible for the user to tackle every task in a dynamic way.

    Easy to adjust - The individual height of the seat can be adjusted easily and steplessly using the handle underneath the seat. As soon as you sit down, you experience maximum sitting comfort as the gas spring gives gently, and cushions your weight.

    Practical and comfortable to use
    - The practical comfort handles are integrated in the side sections of the washable seat. This provides a feeling of safety at all times, when sitting down, bending over, and standing up. Fin can be moved around very easily by using the integrated handles for holding, pulling and carrying.

    Sit comfortably - The extra wide comfort seat made from Soft Touch PU foam invites you to sit on it, and gives you the most comfortable sitting experience, even when you are sitting for a long time.

    Stable base
    - The stable base and the robust aluminium column, which is inclined by 4 degrees, ensure complete stability while moving, and encourage the correct active working posture - bending slightly forward.


    • height adjustment from 660 to 930 mm gas spring
    • changeable glides
    • comfort seat in Soft Touch PU foam
    • comfort handle
    • robust aluminium frame
    • 20 degree seat swivel functionality
    • Available in an ESD version for high Electrostatic Discharge - ESD - protection areas
    Electrostatic Discharge - ESD - Fin

    Fin is made of aluminium and has a seat made of Soft Touch PU foam. In the standard version, the frame has a blasted aluminium surface. Available in black only, the ESD version of Fin has a discharge resistance of 106 Ω, so fulfilling the requirements of ESD standard EN 61340-5-1.


    Blasted aluminum leg frame

    • Black 2000

    • Custom order in the following colours
    • Blue 2001

    • Orange 2004

    • Grey 2002

    • (black leg frame is option - custom order)


    • DIN 68 877 German GS "safety tested" mark of confirmity

    • Quality Management System DIN EN ISO 9001

    • Regulation EWG Nr. 1836/93 and Environmental

    • Management System DIN ISO 14001


    • Seat: Height 620-85mm Width 450mm Depth 150mm

    • Weight: 8 kg

    • Volume: 0,09 m³

    • Maximum 120kg weight tolerance

    • 3 year limited warranty on upholstery, castors and gas spring, 5 years on the rest

    Fin ESD

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