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Make an impression with your Boardroom table

Make the right impression!

A boardroom table is often the focal point of a room, which means it should not only be functional and look great but it should also reflect who you are as a company. At Equip, we can create a unique piece of furniture that can elevate your business space while enhancing the décor of your office.

We can supply boardroom tables in many different shapes, and which you choose may depend on how much space you have, the shape of your room, or the type of meetings you want to achieve. Many choose our rectangular or boat-shaped tables, as they allow maximum seating capacity. However, others opt for u-shaped or v-shaped to facilitate videoconferencing. A round table promotes discussion and brainstorming.

Whatever you need, we'd be happy to give you a quote. Take a look at 4 popular tables below... Click an image for more information.

1. Eona Boardroom Tables

2. Trapeze Tables

3. Novara Timber Veneer Boardroom Tables with Express Delivery

4. Potenza Boardroom Tables with Express Delivery


Need more help with your office furniture?

Our team of design consultants are ready to provide more information on any of these products for you.

Please remember that we offer free written proposals incorporating design, space utilisation, storage, ergonomic requirements and OH&S standards.

We'd love to have a chat and see how we can help you. Come and visit us in our Sydney Showroom.

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