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Take a closer look at height adjustable desks

When choosing a height-adjustable desk, here are a few things to consider:

1. Don’t switch straight to a standing desk; make the transition gradually. If you don't have two work areas, a height adjustable desk allows you to work sitting down during the afternoon while standing in the morning.

2. Standing too much is just as bad as sitting, which is one reason why it’s a good idea to mix it up. If your lower back gets tired from standing, sit down again to work, or stretch it out.

3. By standing rather than sitting, your blood circulation increases. This benefits your mental state by allowing you to think clearer as well as your physical body by preventing the risk of high blood pressure and the possibility of blood clots.

4. The main message is to try out what works for you and don’t think you have to do everything standing.

Height Adjustable Desk Solutions from Equip


is a brand-new Electric Sit/Stand Desk and Workstation system distributed throughout Australia by Equip Office Furniture. With a huge 5 year warranty on both the frame and motor, you can be sure that Strata Electric is the perfect fit for your workspace. Choose from a range of accessories including umbilicals, brackets and shelves to enhance the practicality of your workstation.

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Evolution offers a desk top range from 750mm to 1200mm within seconds by the push of a button to allow sitting or standing at the users discretion. The desk height is electronically displayed and there are 3 memory buttons conveniently located beneath the desktop. The storage compartments are fitted with top quality components and come with touch panel drawers.

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The Selectric Desk is an electric height adjustable desk for commercial office workstation installations, offering the user great flexibility in height adjustment from a seated worktop to a stand-up meeting station with the ease of a simple switch. Constructed with a sturdy steel frame and powered by twin motor drives, maximum height is achieved via three section telescopic legs.
Fully certified to AFRDI Furntech, the Selectric is available as a silver powder-coated frame with a wide selection of colours for work tops available on request.

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User height-adjustable options are catered for with Elevate, a totally flexible height adjustable desk frame featuring an adjustable beam so that the length of the desk frame can be adjusted on site. It can be supplied in desk, workstation and 120 degree configurations, separately or in combination with our screen systems. The height range is 610mm to 910mm, via a fold-away crank handle. A sit to stand electric version is also available, and White and Silver are standard colours.

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