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Equip Office Furniture Customer Testimonial

Passionate, knowledgeable and professional

Over the years, I have dealt with a lot of Sales and Marketing professionals and now and then you meet someone like you who is passionate, knowledgeable and professional. And when I meet people like yourself I always want to let the company know how lucky they are to have an employee like you!

In today's business world it always amazes me that the simple things are not used or cared about - for instance, turning up on time, listening to the client's needs and just being knowledgeable about the company's product. Pretty simple stuff but, so many Sales & Marketing people get it wrong, except you! You were a delight to deal with and it was quite evident that you were well-informed about your product and professional. I knew the first 5mins that I wanted to deal with you and felt confident that I would receive a high-quality product.

Unfortunately, I am working at Mission Australia as a contractor and will be leaving shortly but, where ever I end up and there is a need for office equipment the first person that I will call is you!

It's been a pleasure dealing with you Scott and I know you will do very well in your career.

Diana D'Ambrose, Mission Australia


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