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Gridline Partitioning is a fully integrated system that incorporates power and data, insulation and cable management. Its clean lines and refined design allows flexibility and ability to dis-assemble and relocate quickly and easily.

In comparison to traditional stud and plasterboard partitioning, Gridline offers a far superior solution in terms of environmental benefits, less dust, less landfill and all parts of Gridline Partitioning are recyclable.

Gridline Partitioning is the ideal solution to your current needs, and to your future needs as well. As your requirements change you can simply pull down, add or subtract panels to accommodate your needs. Unlike plasterboard walls, If you move office, you can take your Gridline Partitioning with you.

This is the view of a Green Building Council Accredited Professional.

“The concept of relocatable partitioning is an environmental breakthrough for the fitout industry. It means that over a 10-year period, one initial fitout and any number of re-configures can add up to significant savings, both financially and environmentally. The traditional method of on-site plasterboard and steel stud construction would require, over the same period, multiple demolitions and reconstructions, which generate landfill, pose a health & safety risk to workers and tie up valuable office space during construction. In reality, the choice is easy to make – relocatable partitioning is a smarter, more flexible and cost effective solution for everyone.” A lifelong investment that doesn’t cost the earth.

Advantages of relocatable partitioning

  • Cost of churn
  • Fully re-usable
  • Minimal dust factor
  • Fast installation
  • Can be leased
  • Can be depreciated
  • Excellent environmental benefits
  • Fully integrated cable ducting optional
  • Can be fully integrated with your workstation system

Warranty and Supply Guarantee

Gridline Partitioning comes with a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty for your peace of mind. Ongoing customer support and assistance is guaranteed.