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Happy and Healthy in 2017

With the start of a new year comes the opportunity to work in a healthy workplace.

Studies show that many adults spend up to 70% of their waking hours sitting down and have little to no physical activity in their daily lives. Below are five (5) simple steps you can do to improve your work environment:
  1. Find your natural posture:
    • Feet on the floor in front of you, hands on your lap, shoulders relaxed and leaned back slightly. This should feel comfortable.
  2. Mouse and keyboard placement:
    • Elbows should be around 90 degrees to your mouse and keyboard and wrists should be extended straight, not bent up or down.
  3. Position your screen(s):
    • Distance: sit back and extend your arm, your fingers should brush the monitor
    • Height: close your eyes, open them, your site should land on the address bar of your web browser when at the correct height
  4. Adjust your chair:
    • Shape: is your back straight and supported?
    • Length: when sitting comfortably there should be about a fist size of space between the chair and your leg
    • Height: your feet should be flat on the floor when sitting
  5. Get up and move!
    • An ergonomic workspace can only go so far! Physical activity is still a crucial part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Don’t forget to get up and stretch every hour.

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