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    Telephone: 64 dB Printer: 67 dB Photocopier: 67 dB Human Voice: 65 dB Fax: 77 dB

For many years now office noise has been a serious problem. Until now it has been very difficult to achieve a quiet, harmonious environment, especially in situations where many workers are sharing an open office area, such as a busy call centre. By liaising with clients in these types of situations, a screen to deal with this problem has been formulated.

The DAS system helps control and trap noise. By both absorbing sound and deflecting noise away from sensitive areas, sound can then be dissipated more naturally.

DAS are upholstered in Laines Suzette fabric with a high quality acoustic foam, mounted on the standard Division frame. The link strip then enables a number of screens to be positioned for maximum effect. In addition, the DAS system can be used in conjunction with the conventional Division screen.

Benefits of a Low Noise Workplace

The most effective way to reduce noise is by absorption, keeping reflected and transmitted noise to a minimum. The staff and machinery of today’s office environment all add to the noise pollution, thus increasing distractions and decreasing concentration levels. Carefully considered screens can vastly improve the working environment by reducing surrounding noise.