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Waratah Cupboards

Brownbuilt Waratah tambour door cupboards meet the future challenges of modern office design and storage requirements, reducing wasted space and file retrieval time.

The Waratah Cupboard represents the future direction for office storage by offering space efficient engineering, durability and modern designer looks.

The tambour door system glides easily along injection-moulded tracks designed with a rolling radius, and fully recede into the cupboard carcass, offering unimpeded access.

Therefore Waratah can be installed in narrow office aisles and corridors or even in corners, saving valuable office floor space.

The double-walled PVC slat construction of the tambour doors, with internal webbing, ensures door stability and prevents doors jamming in the tracks. A single-point, key-activated locking system operates in metal lead tambour slats to secure the cupboard's contents.

The Waratah cupboard carcass features a quality metal construction, with a welded metal support frame for durability. A wide selection of accessories can be fitted for storage flexibility. Bolted internal supports have 25mm vertical adjustment to maximise storage space utilisation within the cupboard. Available in a range of heights and widths,

Waratah can be integrated into any office environment.

Waratah cupboards have a powder coat finish as standard which resists scratching and are offered in a wide range of modern colours.


External Dimensions:

Heights: 680mm/1020mm/1330mm/1980mm
Widths: 900mm/1050mm/1200mm
Depth: 475mm
Shelf Dimensions:
Widths: 750mm/900mm/1050mm
Depth: 400mm
Shelf Capacity: 750mm/900mm
Standard Features: Internal carcass assembly
Welded carcass sub-assemblies
Key locking
Fully retractable tambour door system
Double-wall PVC slat doors with internal webbing
Injection-moulded door track with rolling radius
Fixed metal internal uprights
25mm vertical shelf adjustment
Wide range of filing accessories
Material Thickness: 1.00mm
Finish: Powder coat (45-50 microns thickness)
Cupboard carcass: 12 standard colours
Non-standard colours subject to minimum quantities
Tambour doors: 2 standard colours (Beige and Grey)
Warranty: 5 years