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3 Office Design Fails and How to Avoid

At Equip, we’ve helped thousands of companies set up their office environments for maximum productivity. 

Below are three common office design “fails” and how to avoid them.

1. Lack of Quiet Spaces

Recognising that people have different working styles is a key to better productivity. Give your employees a choice of collaborative and individual workspaces. If you have an open office, be sure you also provide plenty of small breakout rooms where employees can escape the chatter and noise — such as when they need to have a one-on-one conversation or concentrate in silence.

Online reservation or calendar software will allow employees to book those spaces ahead of time.

2. Cheap and Uncomfortable Desks and Furniture

When you’re tasked with investing in furniture for several floors of office space, it can be tempting to opt for inexpensive products and save your budget for other areas, like innovative workplace technology.

However, studies show that ergonomic office furniture helps alleviate tiredness and muscle stress, thereby boosting productivity and overall job satisfaction. So while inexpensive furniture can save you money, it may end up costing you more in the long run. From desk chairs to monitor stands, everything should be chosen with your workers posture and comfort as top priority.

3. Bland Environment

While you may be tempted to opt for sterile white walls in an effort to avoid distraction, choosing to forego colour and personality in your workspaces actually has an adverse effect. Avoid this common blunder by integrating splashes of colour that reflect your brand’s style and mood. Keep in mind blue and green boost productivity and encourage tranquillity while yellow or red help drive creativity and inspire passion. Channel these colours when painting an accent wall or when choosing furniture and art. Plants also soften the aesthetics of the workplace, help clean the air and provide the comfort of a more natural environment.

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