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This Bulletin Board is unique ...  

  • Hard wearing 'carpet fabric' - hold pins firmly
  • Fabric is hard wearing ... even washable
  • Stylish rounded corners
  • Wall fixings supplied
  • Colours available :  Denim and Laurel

Denim (blue)  and Laurel (grey)

Notice Boards - Bulletin  Available in Denim (blue) or Laurel (grey)
BD0425 900 x 600mm 
BD0428 900 x 900mm
BD0441  1200 x 900mm 
BD0452  1200 x 1200mm
BD0460  1500 x 1200mm 
BD0461  1500 x 900mm 
BD0468  1800 x 1200mm 
BD0469 1800 x 900mm
BD0576 2400 x 1200mm


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