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  • The LX7000 Architectural frame is specifically designed for Pinboards / Noticeboards
  • Unlike the TX8000 frame .. the TX7000 has no 'lip' .. which means the nominated fabric is visible from edge to edge
  • LX7000 Architectural Pinboards can be supplied in a wide array of fabrics including :
  • Suzette
  • Trilogy
  • Krommenie
  • Echo Panel
  • Acoustica
  • Cork
  • Frontrunner/Prelude
  • Most screen/wall fabrics
  • LX7000 pinboards can be mounted side by side to create an interesting and highly usable 'Communication Wall'. Ideal for marketing departments, breakout areas and communication hubs
  • LX7000 Pinboards have a near identical depth from the wall (20.7 V's 20mm) with the LX8000 Porcelain Whiteboards. This means that Edge Pinboards and Edge whiteboards can be placed side by side for interest and functionality

LX7000 Whiteboard architectural frame is supplied standard in satin silver but can also be ordered in a choice of powder coated colours :

  • White
  • Black (other colours can be supplied based on quantity)
  • A further feature of the LX7000 is the rear fixed reverse mounting brackets
  • No brackets or fixings are seen at all .. offering a seamless look

TX7000 Pinboard in Suzette fabric

TX7000 Pinboard in Krommenie material

TX7000 Pinboard in natural Cork

TX7000 Pinboard in Visionchart Acoustica

Aesthetic simplicity ... EDGE Architectural Communication boards.

LX7-9060 900 x 600mm LX7000 EDGE - Pinboards
LX7-9090 900 x 900 LX7000 EDGE - Pinboards
LX7-1290 1200 x 900 LX7000 EDGE - Pinboards
LX7-1212 1200 x 1200 LX7000 EDGE - Pinboards
LX7-1590 1500 x 900 LX7000 EDGE - Pinboards
LX7-1512 1500 x 1200 LX7000 EDGE - Pinboards
LX7-1890 1800 x 900 LX7000 EDGE - Pinboards
LX7-1812 1800 x 1200 LX7000 EDGE - Pinboards
LX7-2012 2000 x 1200 LX7000 EDGE - Pinboards
LX7-2112 2100 x 1200 LX7000 EDGE - Pinboards
LX7-2412 2400 x 1200 LX7000 EDGE - Pinboards
LX7-3012 3000 x 1200 LX7000 EDGE - Pinboards

Enter the suffixes 'K' for Krommenie. 'S' for Suzette etc. Eg LX7-2412-K 2400x1200 Krommenie

All LX7000 boards supplied with aluminium rear aluminium batten fixing