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Our most popular flipchart tripod stand with magnetic whiteboard surface.

Optional flipchart pad and carry bag also available.


  • Height adjustable up to 1860mm
  • Telescopic legs
  • Magnetic whiteboard surface
  • Adjustable flipchart pad hooks
  • Strong metal stay for added stability
  • Dry wipe surface
  • Built in pen shelf
  • Optional Carry Bag sold separately 


  • Flipchart Standard - 1000 H x 700 W (mm)
  • Optional Carry Bag with strap - 1110 W x 900 H (mm)
  • Optional Flipchart Pad - 890 H x 590 W (mm)


Getting the best from your FLIPCHART

Tips when you're using a Flipchart in your next presentation...

  • Want to get the audience on your side ?  Personalise for your audience the first and last pages of the presentation so that they know you have put in the time on their behalf
  • If you are drawing graphics ... cheat !  Draw the key parts in feint pencil lines first ...the audience won't even see them !
  • Want to write straight ?   Draw some feint pencil lines horizontally on the Flipchart Pad first !
  • Want to create an impact ?  Keep a plain page before your important points and flip them over at the right moment for a bit of drama !
  • Want to look relaxed ?  Stand to the right of the Flipchart if you are right handed... that way you won't hide what you are writing.
  • Want to do without notes ?  A prompt written in pencil at the top of the Flipchart Pad close to you will ensure a smooth running and confident presentation
  • And after your presentation ... store your pads carefully for re-use, even if you don't use all the pages, odd pages may fit into another presentation.
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