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This versatile Flipchart combines suitable paper holding system with a magnetic whiteboard for a versatile presentation unit.

The hinged head clamp allows for easy pad replacement and holds two standard Visionchart flipchart pads with ease.

Adjustable flipchart pad support hooks accept most pad hole configurations.


  • Compact paper clamp
  • Adjustable paper hooks
  • Telescopic legs
  • Powdercoated frame
  • Dry-wipe magnetic backboard
  • Pentray
  • 5 year whiteboard surface guarantee
  • Side extension attachment available
  • 20 Page Paper pad included
  • Pack of 4 pens ( Black, Blue, Green and Red)
  • Soft Foam Eraser

NOW COMES WITH:  20 page pad, 4 pack of pens and eraser

Flipchart Carry Bag sold separately 

Getting the best from your FLIPCHART

Tips when you're using a Flipchart in your next presentation...

  • Want to get the audience on your side ?  Personalise for your audience the first and last pages of the presentation so that they know you have put in the time on their behalf
  • If you are drawing graphics ... cheat !  Draw the key parts in feint pencil lines first ...the audience won't even see them !
  • Want to write straight ?   Draw some feint pencil lines horizontally on the Flipchart Pad first !
  • Want to create an impact ?  Keep a plain page before your important points and flip them over at the right moment for a bit of drama !
  • Want to look relaxed ?  Stand to the right of the Flipchart if you are right handed... that way you won't hide what you are writing.
  • Want to do without notes ?  A prompt written in pencil at the top of the Flipchart Pad close to you will ensure a smooth running and confident presentation
  • And after your presentation ... store your pads carefully for re-use, even if you don't use all the pages, odd pages may fit into another presentation.
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