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Functional, ergonomic and customizable modular designs.

A good office workstation should give you endless layout, design and location capabilities. When done well this kind of thoughtful design can promote positive work environments and enhance the wellbeing of your staff.

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Whether it is a modern, open office environment or a more traditional desk and workstation configuration, Equip Office Furniture’s experienced consultants can help provide functional, cost effective and visually pleasing solutions for you.

With our comprehensive range of office workstations, desks, chairs and soft furniture, your business has the opportunity to increase staff satisfaction and efficiency thanks to our cohesive and adjustable layout options.

We can help you plan or redesign your office fit-out so that it fosters comfort, wellbeing and high productivity, whilst allowing your teams to control their own privacy and connection with others.

Our range of office workstation systems, desks and soft furniture can all be customised, and our use of the most up to date technology means you can visualise (and change) your design and layout options, in your office space, in real time. If you are more of a tactile person then come down to our Sydney showroom to see and feel our most popular workstations and office furniture range.

As a reputable and long-standing retailer in the Australian office furniture industry, we are proud of our products design standards, personal service and offer comprehensive warranties on all our products.